We’re going all-electric… and we want you to be part of this exciting development.

After four years of extensive product development and 18 months of taking the KiwiGoa out on the roads, we’re excited to announce we’re taking the next step in short-haul transport: The evolution of the KiwiGoa model into the E KiwiGoa.

We are planning to build an all-electric vehicle and are raising the funds we need through Kickstarter, to help give others a chance to put their support behind the development of Kiwi-made electric vehicle technology.

The E KiwiGoa will retain the same iconic look of our original vehicle, but this four-wheeled version the function of a small car, complete with all the safety features you would expect of a modern vehicle.

We believe we have a responsibility to our grandchildren and their children that whatever we do must be long-term and provide a solution to an environmental problem – not create one.

It is our hope that we can contribute to making our business, this country and ultimately the planet a little more sustainable.

It would be a huge accomplishment, and a tribute to our nation’s Kiwi ingenuity, to have the first commercial electric car operating and made in New Zealand, and by pledging your support through Kickstarter you will help this goal become a reality.

Contribute today for a better tomorrow!

To donate or to find out more, please click here to visit our Kickstart page now.